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Pattaya Bay at night with the lights of its many nightlife venues and hotels illuminating the beach road.

Bangkok's Nearest Beach resort

About two hours drive south east of Bangkok is the nightlife capital of Thailand, Pattaya City. It has two large beaches which, although pleasant, do not compare with the likes of Phuket or Samui. But its the outrageous nightlife that is undoubtedly the main draw for most foreigners. Countless beer and gogo bars can be found throughout the city with the main area called Walking Street being a neon assault on the senses that many never forget.

Main Tourist Areas : South Pattaya near the beach and main nighlife area of Walking Street is most popular with nightlife lovers but, as bars and restaurants can be found all over the city and also because the "baht bus" transport system is easy to use and cheap, means there are plenty of other good areas to stay that have easy access to the party life.

Jomtien with its nicer beach and quieter nightlife is popular with people who want to get away from the noise and bustle of Pattaya but is still only 15 minutes away from Walking Street by baht bus.

Things to Do in Pattaya :         
Beach activites - All the usual beach entertainment including banana boats, jet skis, para gliding and wind surfing are available at both Pattaya and Jomtien Beach.

Scuba diving - Day trips to the nearby gulf islands offer some good diving with decent water clarity at times. There is also a choice of wrecks to dive.

Other activities - Great bargain shopping, elephant park, fishing, bungy jumping, water parkSight seeing - Underwater World, tiger zoo, The Sanctuary of Truth, Million Years Stone ParkGolf - There are a large number of championship standard golf courses are nearby which, together with low costs, make Pattaya a popular choice for golf fanatics.

Dining & Nightlife : Pattaya has a huge number restaurants run by expats from all over the world so there are few cities that have such a variety of genuine international cusine available which, combined with innumerable Thai eateries, makes Pattaya a fantastic place for food lovers.

Additional Notes : Pattaya is well known for the adult theme of its night entertainment but it is easy to avoid this side of the city's character if you wish and simply enjoy yourself as you would at any other beach resort and it does have the advantage of being quite a bit cheaper than the other popular Thailand destinations. Information on the best locations in which to stay can be found in the Where to Stay in Pattaya Guide .